Our Activity

The community activities of our Club reflect the talent and diversity of the members. Valuable life experience is returned to the community via direct contact socially, raising and donating funds, facilitating town social events and promoting good causes.

Rotarians are challenged to involve themselves in the many practical, enjoyable and fun ways service can be provided to the town. The scope of activities is always under review, and new ideas are welcome.

We are involved in youth programmes, education, health provision, supporting other organisations with common goals, community building projects and Rotary International activities including the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.

In ‘feet on the ground’ mode we have social sessions at the local nursing homes, dispensing morning and afternoon teas, and the occasional  bbq breakfast. The Carols in the Showground is a major social event not designed to raise money, but which develops community bonds on a grand scale. The annual Mudgee Mathematical Minds challenge, conducted in conjunction with major local employers and the district schools, fosters STEM subject uptake at all student ages.

Running the town cinema exposes the townsfolk to the cheerful faces of Rotary, while providing the community with the socialisation of going to the movies together, all with the happy fringe benefit of raising significant monies for distribution locally.

Our other major event, the Mudgee Garden Spectacular, likewise provides a social event with significant monies returned to the town.

All this money ‘returned to the town’ goes to education, youth groups, contributions to myriad appeals and projects, and the health industry.

Mudgee Garden Spectacular

Town Hall Cinema

Carols at Mudgee Showground

Drought Assistance

Bush Fire Appeal



Men’s Health

School Awards


Rotary International  Youth Exchange Programme