The Founding of the Rotary Club of Mudgee

Gaining the Charter of the Rotary Club of Mudgee

In the early part of 1936, Mr. Ern Hume, while on an extended visit to Albury and nearby centres, was on several occasions invited to attend Rotary meetings. He was so impressed with the proceedings that on returning to Mudgee he told of his experiences to Mr Gordon Madell, Managing Editor of the Mudgee Guardian newspaper.

Mr Madell contacted Rotary officials in Sydney with the result that on 3 December 1936 a meeting was held at Hotel Mudgee to consider the desirability or otherwise of forming a Rotary Club in Mudgee. Present were Alderman R A Roth in the chair & Messrs J E Loneragan, H O Warneminde, H C Hill, G Keys, C Ewin, A Jones, C G Madell, P Hunter, E Hume, C Scully, E M Bunn & Rev R F Gibson,The meeting was addressed by Mr Ted Doran, a member of Rotary International, who explained the object of the Rotary movement.

The following motions were carried: “That a committee be appointed to investigate the various classifications with a view to forming a Rotary Club.” “That Mr C & Madell be appointed provisional Chairman and Mr H L Hill provisional Secretary.” “That the committee consisted of Messrs Loneragan, Dunn, Roth & Hill.”

At the first provisional meeting held 8 March 1937 it was finally decided to form a Rotary Club in Mudgee. The constitution and by laws as submitted by Mr Doran were approved & adopted. The time of the meeting was to be 6pm to 7pm each Monday at Hotel Mudgee. It was decided to appoint five provisional directors. President C & Madell, Vice President H L Hill, Sergeant at Arms E M Dunn, Treasurer R P McDonald, Secretary T Spring, Publicity Officer E Hume. The directors were E J Loneragan, E M Dunn, H L Hill, R Roth & C Madell.

Application forms were than completed. The territorial boundaries were decided embracing the boundaries of the Cudgegong Shire with an extension on the northern boundary to 12 miles from the Mudgee Post Office. It was decided the joining fee be two pounds and the annual subscription be 2 pounds 2 shillings payable at one pound one shilling per half year.

The first meeting was to be held after the first Monday in April. The matter of choosing a sponsor club was left over. Later Bathurst was chosen. Lapel badges were to be 2 1/2 inches. A banking account was opened, cheques to be signed by Treasurer and Secretary or President. A Rotary clock was purchased but was later stolen from Hotel Mudgee.

The Charter night was held on 17 July 1937, Charter No. 4249, district 16, Sydney, Katoomba, Bathurst, Goulburn, Manly and Parramatta clubs being represented as well as several guests and the District Governor John Duncan, who addressed the meeting.

The first committees were:
Entertainment: Messrs Roth, Hill, Gifford & Walker.
Fellowship: Messrs Hume, Bartlett, Keys & Hooke.
Attendance: Messrs Dunn, James, Reuss & Wilson.
House: Messrs Warneminde, Mattick & Spring.
Club Service: Messrs Loneragan, McDonald, Whitfeld & Rhead.

In October 1937 a cabinet to hold the club requisites was purchased from G Knight at a cost of one pound eighteen shillings.


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