Successful Changeover and a New Paul Harris Fellow for Mudgee Club.

President of the Rotary Club of Mudgee, Chris Stephens, was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award at the Annual Changeover Dinner for the Mudgee Club on Saturday night. Newly inducted President for the Club, Ross Hearne made the Award to Chris remarking that he “exemplified the objectives of Rotary and the mission of the Rotary Foundation with a demonstrated a commitment to helping people in our community and around the world. ”

A roll-up of 44 people attended the the successful Changeover Dinner which was capably MC’ed by member, Peter Windeyer. Attendees enjoyed the atmosphere and meal at Mudgee Golf Club, the interesting insights from Mid-West Regional Council’s Deputy Mayor, Sam Paine as guest speaker and from Chris Stephens as outgoing Club President and then were present for the induction of new Club President, Ross Hearne and the 2019/20 Board by the District Governor’s representative and Past DG, Greg Bevan.

New President, Ross Hearne, commented that the Rotary Club of Mudgee “is a healthy, growing club and that my predecessors have done a great job building a successful group” which he plans to build on in the coming twelve months.

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President, Ross Hearne (R) reads Paul Harris Citation to Chris Stephens (L) as PDG Greg Bevan (centre) prepares tp make Award to Chris
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Some of the 2019/20 Rotary Club of Mudgee Board following the presentation. Absent are Elly Rands and Garry Connolly.